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The Hills is an exclusive 20 bed inpatient treatment centre for a wide range of addiction and co-occurring issues with the aim to create a healthy mind and body. We are located in the beautiful foothills of Northern Thailand in the vibrant city of Chiang Mai, about 30 minutes from the airport. The peaceful and serene environment has been specifically designed for healing with our client’s privacy in mind as the secluded mountainside location assures the comforts of 5-star resorts as well as anonymity and privacy, which we take very seriously.

The Hills is part of the Thonburi Health Group which is a network of 18 hospitals throughout Thailand.

In 2021, we were ranked in the World Best Hospital 2021 Thailand by Newsweek, (www.newsweek.com/best-hospitals-2021/thailand) moving from 7 th to 5 th , which reflects the continuous development of THG.

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This is the third year that Newsweek has partnered with Statista Inc, the respected global data research firm, to reveal the World's Best Hospitals— and it may be our most important ranking yet ...

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Netflix. - The Business of Drugs - EP.4 "Meth"

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Netflix. - The Business of Drugs -

Netflix. - The Business of Drugs - EP.4 "Meth"

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The Hills is the only treatment centre in Thailand with an onsite hospital. We are able to offer clients medically supervised detox in the comfort of your own room with nursing support 24 hours a day. Detox is not required by each client and for those who need detox, your needs will be assessed by Thailand's foremost expert on addiction - Dr Suttipan, CLINICAL PSYCHIATRIST AND MEDICAL DETOX SPECIALIST. The medical team will ensure you are as comfortable as possible while being pampered by Thai hospitality.


The Hills stands behind their treatment programme so if you decide to leave within the first 7 days of treatment, we will refund you 75% of the fees paid. Refunds will be paid the month following discharge.


We understand the importance of keeping in touch and staying on top of work responsibilities while in treatment. The Hills will allow clients to keep their ipad (no SIM allowed) or laptop in their rooms. Phones will be held in the safe and use permitted for communication purposes. Please note that devices are NOT allowed to be used outside one's room and will be confiscated if found. Please abide by this rule to help make your treatment time as comfortable as possible.


While it is recommended to stop smoking while in treatment, we understand the difficulties around this and do allow smoking in designated areas. Please note all villas and common areas are smoke free.


The Hills is proud to work with local villagers in 'the hills' surrounding the centre. We have sourced a number of sustainable products from various producers in the area including fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs and coffee. This not only helps to provide income for local producers, but benefits the environment through reducing the use of plastic. If you want to help support these local producers or would like additional information, please let us know.


If you or a loved one are affected by addiction issues, please reach out to us today.

Please get in touch for a free consultation